1. I need 4 stars on my Starbucks card to get a free drink.
  2. The postcard from my last 15 stars free drink is under a magnet on my fridge. {I should really put that in my bag}
  3. I have been using my macbook almost exclusively since about March 7 when Rudy gave it to me. I LOVE it! {ty, darlin!}
  4. I hope my cute little pink netbook doesn't stop working when I need it because I have been neglecting it. ;-)
  5. I have been sick for almost two weeks. Enough, already!
  6. So Cal is having a heatwave after months of super cold. My outside thermometer says 80° at the moment. I don't really think it is that warm though. *shrugs*
  7. It has been 10 Days, 5 Hours and 34 Minutes since I last saw Rudy walking down the hallway in Denver International to get to his own flight. :-(
  8. I have actually gone over 36 hours without coffee this week. Are you in shock?
  9. Have I mentioned I am tired of being sick? Well, if not, I am. bleh!
  10. There is still an amazing echo in here.
  11. I need a drink but feel too blah to have one. What is THAT about?
  12. Is it weekend yet?
  13. Is anybody out there?



  1. it's
  2. been
  3. a
  4. week.
  5. I'm
  6. still
  7. alive
  8. how
  9. about
  10. you?



and never so glad to be home and yet so sad to be home at the same time. *sigh*

I will recount my day today later.
or tomorrow.
or something.

check back.
or not.

Is it just me or is there an amazing echo in here?

~ b


Day 9

Today we spent the day relaxing and very low key. I woke up with next to no voice and feeling blah. After packing up we went to see Gnomeo and Juliet. I figured I could either feel poorly in the hotel room or go see a show and be distracted for a while. I chose the latter. It was a very cute movie with a lot of fantastic Elton John music. Loved it!

When the movie was over we went for a walk and ended up at a local Microbrewery where we tried some of the local brew. I had a Fire Chief Ale and Rudy had a Red Rocks Red. Both quite good. After our beers we went to Panera Bread to have soup for dinner. Since I haven't felt well today I had and enjoyed a bowl of Chicken Noodle and Rudy had a bowl of Cream of Chicken with Wild Rice. I had a taste of his soup and it was also very good. After dinner we discussed hitting up Stone Cold Creamery to use the gift card he has been carrying around in his wallet for years now but when we drove by we could see that it was quite busy so we decided to let his card continue to rest in his wallet for now. heh!

Back in our room we settled down with our MacBooks and HBO to watch the season finale of Big Love. {don't you judge me ;-)} The ending took me by surprise as I sure did not see that coming.
Our time together is quickly coming to an end and I am very sad but there is a glimmer of hope for a new situation in the future. Tomorrow morning we part ways with Rudy heading for Anchorage by way of Seattle and I am on my way to Palm Springs by way of Phoenix.

I hope you have enjoyed my little vacay diary.
See ya on the flip side.

~ b

Day 8

With class completed Rudy and I have time to do a little sightseeing. I wanted to go see the Casa Bonita of South Park fame for my kids who wanted photos and to see The Brown Palace Hotel where my parents stayed on their honeymoon in December of 1957.

After sleeping in a bit we fired up St. Brendan {our gps. St. Brendan is a Navigator Saint} and made our way to the Casa. Overpriced bad food and campy entertainment was the theme. The sopaipillas for dessert were quite yummy. We ate, watched the bad entertainment, took some photos, choose souvenirs for the dog sitter and the kid and beat feet out of there.

The haphazard parking that was taking place when we arrived at Casa Bonita had turned into quite the spectacle when we returned to our car. Gotta love a parking lot with no lines where people just pull in and stop where they please. *rolling eyes*

After a couple of wrong/missed turns because St. Brendan didn't speak up quickly enough I pulled out my iPhone and mapped our location. We discovered that we were very close to The Brown Palace and decided to put the car in a lot by the shopping and walk in.

We happily took a side trip into the bookstore as it is one of our favorite places to go and browsed for a bit before heading out in search of the Palace. We knew it was on a corner and a triangular shape and headed towards what appeared to be just that. Come to find out - it wasn't. WTF, people. That is just one too many triangular brown buildings in one small area. Turning around and heading to in the right direction we were soon at the Brown Palace.

We wandered in and looked around. I headed off to see if anyone would have some nice words and perhaps some sentimental souvenirs that I could bring back to my daddy. The desk clerk I spoke with was an ass and said he supposed he could offer me a couple of pens. He handed them to me and looked at me as if I should kiss his feet. Nice PR work there buddy. So not impressed and your boss will be hearing from me.

We did find a gorgeous photograph history book and a chocolate bar which I will be bringing to Daddy along with the pens. I am sure he will love them and I will keep the ridiculous treatment I received to myself rather than sully his memory of the place where he and his beloved wife spent their honeymoon.

Leaving the Brown Palace behind we realized that we were in need of a cup of coffee. {yeah yeah, so when am I not, eh? Well don't you judge me. tee hee} We grabbed some Starbucks and sat outside to people watch, rest and enjoy our drinks.

The rest of our afternoon was filled with stopping into The Hard Rock Cafe to get a couple of shot glasses {way too crowded/busy to even consider getting a drink}, a quick side trip to Panera for some baked goods for breakfast {they have a wickedly delicious orange scone} which will save us needing to get up and schlepp down to the overcrowded breakfast room and will allow for sleeping in. We came back to the room to relax but did go out one final time to the Village Inn for breakfast for dinner.

Back to the room for good found us surfing the web on our iPads using the fancy connection dealio that Rudy set up on his MacBook and flipping channels to find something to watch. And then he discovered Kill Bill Vol.1 was on.

Cut to 3 am where blondie is still awake because the morning person got super tired, powered through it and then looped around and couldn't sleep after Vol.2 of Kill Bill and Rudy snoring away.

Tomorrow -
Last day in Denver. Last day with Rudy. I hate this part. meh!

Happy Sunday.
~ b


Day 7

Patty picked me up about noon-ish and we made our way back to her cute little town. Once in town we stopped off at the grocery and picked up what we needed to make dinner together. Baked Ziti, garlic bread and salad were all on the menu. She choose a delicious chocolate raspberry torte for dessert. SO yummy.

Once at her house we put the groceries away and chatted for a bit before starting the prep. The pasta was set to boil and the sauce started. Once everything was heated/cooked we tossed the pasta and sauce together with some ricotta and mozzarella and poured it into the baking pan. So easy to do and now it was ready to go into the oven when we were ready to bake it.

I had a first ever after the grocery shopping. We had to go to the liquor store for the wine because you can't buy it in the grocery. That is just so foreign to this SoCal girl. I can now cross *go to the liquor store for liquor* off my bucket list. ;-)

We spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out and chatting. I have totally loved being able to spend time with Patty. She is such a delight. Her laughter is infectious and her sense of humour is wonderful.

Once Rudy was finished with his day he joined us at Patty's for dinner. We shared a bottle of Ménage à Trois Red and chatted and laughed. Blake gulped his glass of wine down and said it was horrible. LOL! I asked why he downed it and he said he didn't want to waste it. bwahaha! He quickly switched to a corona.

All too soon I was turning into a pumpkin and it was time for us to go. I was super sad to do so but look forward to a return visit some day, hopefully sooner rather than later. Maybe sooner than any of us thought - but that is a story for another day.

Tomorrow will be filled with spending the day with Rudy seeing some sights around Denver.

Happy Weekend!
~ b


Day 6

Traveling {Wo}Man is Travel Weary

After some research it seems that both Rudy and I are suffering from a mild case of altitude sickness. At least we know we are not dying. :-)

I spent the day resting and hydrating. I had the sense to pick up a bagel and some yoghurt to have in my room so that I didn't have to go out for lunch. I did venture out and take a walk in the afternoon to take some photos. I got some great shots of the prairie dogs and some beautiful nature shots. Maybe a return to Wordless Wednesday is in the future.

After Rudy's class was finished for the day we headed over to BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse for dinner and drinks with a few people from the local office. We had a very nice time. The locals are quite personable and the table was soon abuzz with conversation and laughter.

Once back to our room we settled in to play words with friends and watch tv. Rudy did a bit of geeking after a trip and we were soon able to use our iPads wirelessly in our room without standing on our heads and sticking out our tongues. I would explain to you how he made that happen but it is confusing. I do know you need a MacBook and then there is something about a bridge perhaps and then voilà - wireless!

Tomorrow I will be having another playdate with Patty. She and I are going to cook dinner and Rudy will make his way to her house once his tour of the local office is finished. I am sure that her son will be happy to see Pete once again.

Happy Friday!
~ b


Happy St. Patricks Day!

Day 5

Ever so quiet.

As my FB status stated early on I am either suffering from a severe lack of coffee or oxygen or both. Not a lot going on for me today other than chilling out, napping and reading.

When Rudy got out of class we headed over to Panera to pick up some broccoli cheese soup and bread bowls to eat in our room later on when we were hungry. More napping and relaxing was the tone of our evening.

Tomorrow will be more of the same unless I feel incredibly better and by better I mean less tired and needing oxygen and more feeling like getting out and doing something. Although I do want to get outside and take some photos of the prairie dogs and perhaps I will see the bunnies we saw the other day as well as the duck couple. And it has been perhaps too long since I have had a trip to starbucks. ;-) {Don't you judge me. tee hee!} There is also drinks at BJ's after class to meet with people from the local office.

See ya tomorrow.

~ b


Day 4

The one where Blondie does laundry and has a playdate with Patty.

Poor Rudy spewed coffee on his Video Monkey shirt before leaving for his class so I schlepped all the laundry I could find {just in our room, not the whole big place} down to the laundry room. After putting my 75 cents into the machine for my little box of detergent I was sadly not rewarded with that little ka-clunk sound as it hit bottom nor could I even see the dang thing. Colour me not amused. However, I spotted a bottle of detergent upside down in the bin and picked it up. I could tell just from the weight that it had detergent in the lid. Score! Laundry started and a timer set on my iPhone {is there anything that thing can't do?} I headed back to our room to chill. Cut to my third trip {I left out the trip to switch laundry to the dryer because it was super boring except for the maintenance man doing work in the laundry room.} to check on the drying status and upon entering the room discovered a squished box of detergent on top of the machines. Well now we know why I was not rewarded. It was squished and just couldn't make the trip down the chute. {can you believe I just typed shoot instead of chute, WTF, blonde? I must need more coffee} I left the squished but very usable box on top of the washers for the next guy. I figured a little Karma can't hurt. Like ever.

As I was finishing up the laundry I get a call from my Patty Girl. She was currently taking an unexpected tour of the area having been unable to locate my exact location. I quickly booted up the iPad {is there anything THAT thing can't do? Well besides make phone calls but that would be awkward. heh!} Once on googlemaps we were able to locate her position and I beamed her in. Scary thought leaving it up to the directionally challenged blonde but I did what I had to do. :-)

Patty and I settled into my room for some nice, long, much needed girl chat. I love that girl. She is the sweetest and treats me better than my own siblings do. After hours of chatting we decided to venture over to Panera Breads for some soup for lunch. We decided on the Broccoli Cheese in a bread bowl. Oh my goodness it was so very delicious. I had a Chai Tea Latte and she had a Mango Smoothie as well.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel for some more chat and laughter. If you ever get the chance to curl up and chat with her I guarantee you will have a great time. She is a wonderful woman and a fantastic friend. I love her!

Rudy and his co-workers went to see Battle:Los Angeles after class. They enjoyed it very much.

After he got back he and I headed over to Romano's Macaroni Grill for dinner where he had the Roasted Chicken Cannelloni and I had the Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken. I also had a glass of Mirassou California Pinot Noir which was so smooth and absolutely wonderful. I will be searching it out to drink at home.

Dinner done we decided to hit the bookstore for a browse. Now is it just us or should a bookstore be treated with the same reverence as a library? There was a group of young women sitting in the bookstore rather than in the connected coffeehouse making enough noise to be heard all the way in the back of the store. I know - I was back there and thought OMG who is being loud??? Rudy wants to know if he is getting old and cranky. I tell him he is but I do so with a grin and a giggle. If he is getting old what does that make me since I am older in age, eh?

Tomorrow will be here soon. No definite plans but I am getting a bit cleaning crazy and the maid may be surprised to find that I have beat her to the punch when she gets to our room in the morning. tee hee!

See ya tomorrow. Or whenever I pity you if you are not following along daily. There is a lot here already and you will feel obligated to play catch-up. tee hee!

~ b

p.s. ctrl-v {or any other combination of ctrl- does nothing for a macbook person. } Just a little PSA.


Day 3

Blondie Gets Used to Vacay.

I am not accustomed to having nothing to do. No house to clean, no cats to feed or care for, no meals to prepare. Odd. That being said, it is refreshing and I soon found that I could relax and not worry about anything.

Once Rudy went to his class I settled in to read the paper, watch the news and just generally slack off.

Plans with Patty were changed because she needed to work on getting her son's car to the mechanic to see what needed to be done to get it in working order. The news isn't good and her idiot X is even worse. What kind of father refuses to help his own son? Disgusting.

I got out of the hotel around lunch time and took a walk to my Mecca. You know - Starbucks. I can see it from my hotel window. tee hee! It was a nice walk. About .36 miles. Took me 10 minutes but I would have to say at least two of those minutes were taken up waiting for the dang light to cross.

On my way {and way back} I was surprised by a few little rodents. Bigger than my gophers and quite cute with an odd chatter. Prairie Dogs. They let me pass without a fuss. When I got close to them and they didn't run I was worried that they might take me out. But they didn't. Thankfully. LOL!

Starbucks was as it should be. I got an egg salad sandwich with the most delightful wheat bread. The bread alone was worth the trip. My coffee of choice was a Cocoa Cappuccino which I would not buy again. It just wasn't that great. And my dessert was one of their new little treats. A teeny lemon square. I could have eaten about 6 of them they were so yummy. If you like lemon and you are near Starbucks, give one a try. You might find that they are like a little bit of heaven for your taste buds.

For dinner Rudy and I headed to The BoneFish Grill for a nice filet mignon dinner. I would totally go there again. Service was fantastic. Ambiance was lovely. The steak melted in my mouth. And for dessert we shared a chocolate Crème brûlée.

I will leave the remainder of our evening to your imagination. ;-)

Tomorrow - Girls Day with Patty for sure!

~ b

Happy Steak and BJ Day!


Day 2.

Pain Precedes Patty Powwow Plus Party Prattle.

Meeting up with Patty was nothing short of laughter and fun. I love this girl. She is the sister I have always wanted. We picked up as if we had just seen each other yesterday. Her son has grown into a wonderful young man and is a delight to know.

Our morning began with me gasping in pain as my back began to seize up and spasm. This poor blonde sleeps on a waterbed and has done so since she was about 18 years old. Hotel beds just don't measure up. Rudy suggested that I was more like The Princess and the Pea. I would have to agree. LOL! After a handful of advil and a smaller handful of tylenol when the anvil didn't work plus a nice hot shower I was eventually comfortable. And hoping that there will not be a repeat tomorrow morning.

Soon after waking we headed down stairs to what we had assumed would be a quick and easy trip to the lobby for breakfast which quickly turned into a painful experience complete with a crazy woman talking on the phone quite loudly and discussing topics that should be kept for a more personal time such as green snot. Do I really need to hear about green snot while I am trying to eat my breakfast? I think not. I hope she will not be there tomorrow morning. I may not be responsible for what I will say to her if she is there talking loudly about things I just don't want to hear about. It was also seriously crowded with many young families and a severe lack of table space. It was nice when it did finally empty out and quiet down. I fear we are turning into a crabby older couple. That being said - we don't really care. tee hee!

After breakfast we returned to our room for showers and to unpack the suitcase left haphazardly on the side of the room when we checked in last night. Once that was accomplished we made a quick stop at the store and Starbucks and headed down the freeway straight for Patty's house.

The GPS, which we fondly call St. Brendan, had us zipping along without a hitch until it dumped us onto a toll road. Oddly enough it took us back to the hotel an entirely different way, avoiding the toll. WTF?

The afternoon was full of love and laughter as we shared time with Patty and her son, Blake. We had the tour of her cute little house and met the kitty, Kippy. What a cute kitty he is. I am so happy that she was able to get her house. It is so perfect for her. After visiting at her house we headed to Red Robin to share a meal. A good time was had. Stories shared. Laughter danced from our table like a child jumping about on a hot sidewalk in summer. I am so happy that my bestie and my honey finally got to meet. I love them both so much and have looked forward to this time. I can't wait to see her again tomorrow.

Once we were back at the hotel we surfed the net and eventually ventured down to the lobby for coffee to bring back to our room. As the elevator doors opened on the lobby floor the aroma of warm cookies began to tickle our noses and we realized that the hotel had set them out just as they had the last time Rudy was here. We indulged in a cookie in the lobby and discussed dinner plans. We were not very hungry but decided at least something more substantial than the pieces of pie we brought home last night was in order. We decided to go to a sports bar for nachos and beer {or in my case, wine}.
Rudy is in town to take classes along with a couple of co-workers from Alaska so he hunted them down {they are in the same hotel} and invited them to join us. One accepted our invitation and we were soon at the bar enjoying a plate of nachos and chatting. It was nice to meet the co-worker that I have heard so much about. Now I have a face to put with the name. A very nice man and nice to spend time with.
I am a lover of the pomegranate martini and after discovering it on the menu decided that was my drink {or two but who's counting and don't you judge me} for tonight. It was a very good martini and I will have no problem going back to this bar for another some day. ;-)

Day 2 has been a fabulous day. Day 3 will find Rudy at his class and Blondie and Patty getting together to see what kind of trouble they can get in to. Tomorrow is also Steak and BJ Day for those that celebrate. ;-)

Stay tuned.
love and hugs,
~ b


Day 1

Denver or Bust.

Thankfully we didn't bust but it has been one very long day. We are currently sitting in our room at the SpringHill Suites surfing the cable channels. Typically on Saturday MSNBC has their stupid ass Lock Down show on. WTF, MSNBC? No One wants to watch that shit all weekend long.

Hitting Palm Springs about 2 hours before our flight seemed like a good idea until we saw the endless line of people waiting to get through security. Setting a timer as we hit the beginning of the queued line it took us 37 minutes to get through and get Starbucks. I forgot to turn the timer off once we were technically through. Don't judge me - I needed coffee.

Rudy and I didn't get frisked going through security but Rudy's bag was troublesome. The security guy was very interested in his little dealie of CDs. Seriously, dude? CD's? Where did you get your training? Oh. And there was something troublesome in my purse. They sent it back through the scan. I guess they wanted a second look at the bowling ball with a candle in it that I was carrying on the plane. ;-)

*note to the guy in front of us in line: you do not need to take your netbook and your important papers out when you are miles away from the actual check in. And for heaven's sake put your backpack on properly. And by properly I mean put it over both arms and let it just chill out on your back. Perhaps I should have schooled you but I don't think your wife would have liked it. But then again - you wouldn't have dropped your ticket. Or your ID. Or your netbook. I almost felt as though you were just not smart enough to fly. I don't think your wife thought so either. You may have gotten the last laugh though when she discovered that her carry on wouldn't fit in the upper bin on the tiny plane. And then, after schlepping it all the way to the front of the plane she also discovered she had missed the checking the bag window and was going to have to put it under the seat. I don't know for certain but I bet she actually put it under yours.

I have determined that the little tiny plane and I just do not get along. I get seriously nauseous during take off and landing. The extreme movements of the plane as it is leveling out sends my equilibrium into sad dance thus causing me to feel really craptastic. Interestingly enough I discovered that as soon as the plane touches down I am feeling about 90% better almost immediately. I knew that little tiny plane was bad. Now I know exactly why.

Denver is not good to luggage. I have a brand new bag. It isn't pink but it is really nice and now it has a corner that looks very beat up. Stupid Denver Baggage Process!

Note to Nice Customer Service Woman at the car rental. If you talk too much you will forget to add charges onto our bill. Thanks so much for the $13 per day discount. :-)

Little kids who are about 3 years old using iPads on airplanes are seriously cute. LOVE it!

We currently have a piece of cherry and a piece of lemon supreme pie in our fridge here in our room. We brought them back from dinner. I may be too tired to eat mine.

Rudy is way more fun to travel with than CS was. He is also seriously nice to bring me along. {love you, darlin}

Tomorrow - Patty Day! Not St. Patty's Day but meeting up with my Patty girl and introducing her to Rudy. YaY!


I need one. Seriously. And I am so lucky to have a man who likes my company enough to take me on a business trip with him. We are heading to Denver this morning for 10 days. My children tell me I need to go see the Casa Bonita of South Park fame and I have plans to see the Brown Palace Hotel where my parents spent their honeymoon. What I am super excited about is that while Rudy is in his classes I will be hanging with my bestie, Patty! YaY! I am very excited to see her as it has been far too long.

I hope y'all have a great weekend.
love and hugs,
~ b