Thursday 13

{Yes, there are more than 13
on the list but the 13 IS in there.
Don't you judge me. ;-) }
  1. Turkey - roasted upside down. {end result is supposed to be a much more tender and moist turkey breast. We shall see}
  2. Crescent Rolls - with Thankful notes baked inside to be read around the dinner table. {hopefully grandpa doesn't eat his. That really happened. ;-) }
  3. Cranberry sauce - jellied. {I don't care for chunks in my sauce}
  4. Olives - black and green with pimentos. {Do they come without that?}
  5. Butter Pats molded in the shape of leaves. {molded myself with the help of the freezer}
  6. Apple Pie baked by the kid's girlfriend. {I need a name for her, yes?}
  7. Sweet Potato Casserole {a first try with this recipe so we don't know how it tastes. Hopefully good!}
  8. Cake. {It isn't a lie.} Frosted with buttercream and decorated with fall sprinkles. {Or they will think Fall sprinkles but in reality the yellow are lightening bolts and the orange are nimbus 2000's from the Harry Potter sprinkles collection. The brown is just your normal every day sprinkle. ;-) }
  9. Deviled eggs. {I am not sure when we started making these for Thanksgiving but I would be in deep trouble if they don't show up on the table today. Plus they are yummy! }
  10. Wine. Of course. How could there not be wine? I have two bottles of Pinot Noir, a white zin,a chardonnay and a Riesling. {I wonder what the other people are going to drink. ;-D }
  11. Green Beans. I have no idea about this. The marrieds are in charge of beans.
  12. Potatoes. Yukon Golds I have been told. My sister is in charge of those.
  13. Pumpkin Pie - The marrieds other parents are in charge of pumpkin. {My daughter refers to them as Warilynn. A combo of their names. ;-) }
  14. Stuffing. My sister makes this as well because she makes a vegetarian dish using the stuffing for her vege people. {And a regular one for the rest of us. }
  15. Sparkling apple and grape juice for those who don't drink.
  16. Gravy. I don't make it from scratch and hopefully you won't tell. {crap. I wonder where my gravy dish is. *sigh}
  17. Extra dinner rolls for when the crescent's run out. {can there ever be enough bread? }
  18. 13 people for dinner. {plus one in Alaska - We Miss you Rudy! }
  19. We are blessed.



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