98 Bottles of Beer Days Left in 2011

And it has me freaked the hell out.

I have so much to do because big changes are coming with the new year. Wonderful changes. Exciting changes. I could make a list of the things I have to do but today it might freak me out even more. How would that be good? So instead I plan to drink coffee until I am tired of coffee the pot runs dry and then switch to something of the alcohol variety. I plan to bake some Pumpkin Snickerdoodles which sound super yummy. And of course I will be watching plenty of football.

What are you up to?


I love putting food in jars.

14 pounds of Roma Tomatoes cooked down, food milled and sent through a sieve = the most delicious, fresh tasting Tomato Sauce ever. 4.5 pints of it actually. Photos some day but today it is dark and dreary which does not equal good lighting for photography.

All that is left to can is the cherry plums which have been pitted and are chilling out {literally} in the freezer.

Then we wait for the pomegranates to ripen and the next round of canning will begin.

What have you been up to?



It's a bit stalker-ish, don't you think?
Plus what if your girlfriend finds out.
She might delete my comments again.
She can't, can she?

It's MY bloggy.