This Could Be

a scene from a dinner out with my kids.


Meal at the Manor.

Appetizer ~
What are you really good at?

Soup ~
And what are you really bad at?

Salad ~
You have to give up 3 things for 24 hours. It won't be easy to do so. What are these three things?

Entrée ~
You suddenly have a personal assistant. What three things will you task your assistant with?

Dessert ~
Would some people say that you are too nice?

Digestif ~
"I want to rock and roll all night, and ________________!”


Thursday Thirteen.

13 things I should be doing
but can't seem to find the energy
{or motivation} to do.

  1. put away the last of the Christmas things {there isn't much left}
  2. fix the wind-chimes {at least they are in the garage since the kid took them down for me last night due to the high winds and the ridiculous amount of noise they were making.}
  3. grind coffee to make a fresh pot {that needs to happen asap - the lack of fresh coffee could be contributing to my slackassery}
  4. hem my jeans {two pair to be exact. Plus there is a stack of mending that also needs doing.}
  5. clean through the boxes {yes, the ones in the garage. The ones that still hold all the crap I can't find}
  6. juice the last of the pomegranates {juiced a bunch this past weekend and made jelly. Really seriously good jelly.}
  7. edit some photos {I have a lot backed up but have allowed someone's comment a while back to stifle my creative energy}
  8. write {I read an old bloggy recently. It was interesting. I am not bad in the writing department and need to get back to it}
  9. take some photos {but if I take photos then I need to edit them. See #7}
  10. deconstruct and recycle packing boxes {there are a lot of empties in the garage. I need a bigger recycling container I think. Or to break them down more often. Or something}
  11. organize the cupboards in the garage {they are a jumble after the holidays due to moving things around to access other dishes}
  12. make a page on The Knot {I should have done this a long time ago but didn't. Rudy and I talked about it briefly last night. Once I get started it should be fun. Problem is getting started. Which you know from the title is the subject of this 13.}
  13. go to the grocery {I hate shopping. Of any kind. I am probably going to put it off until tomorrow morning. That should send my Friday into a lovely fit of confusion.}


Really 2011?

I honestly thought you would be kinder than you have been thus far.
Can you cut me a break?

love always,
~ b



You all know I hate shopping. Any kind of shopping. Thursday is my normal grocery shopping day. Today I ended up at 3 different grocery stores in order to clear my list. Ridiculous. The only saving grace is that I planned the trips in such a way that my last store would be the one with the Starbucks inside. As much as I hate shopping I do so love my coffee. But you knew that also, too.

Are you still awake? Gawd this is boring, isn't it? Ok. Moving on to the meat of the story.

On my way from store 2 to store 3 {they happen to be within walking distance of each other} I round a corner and am almost run over by a man pushing a shopping cart. He wasn't looking where he was going but rather where he had been. Seriously man, eyes front. Thanks. As I moved aside to avoid being run over he did put his eyes front. And then he looked me up and down {yes. Up and Down} and then he said - *mmmm. What a buffet*. How does one respond to something like that? I just stayed my course and answered him in my head.

*ummm. thanks? i think.*

So tell me. When was the last time YOU were looked up and down and called a buffet? Or anything close to that scenario. Or when was the last time you called someone a buffet?

#things I won't say on fb because my children are my friends


4 Years.

8.2.1939 - 1.14.2007
I miss you, Momma.
I love you.



  1. yesterday
  2. sucked
  3. today
  4. isn't
  5. much
  6. different
  7. tomorrow
  8. will
  9. suck
  10. on
  11. a
  12. different
  13. level