Thursday Thirteen:

This is My Morning.
{any of 'em, all of 'em}

  1. wake to cats tapping me on the face.
  2. roll out of bed and feed cats.
  3. make coffee.
  4. get dressed.
  5. get iPad and iPhone.
  6. find glasses.
  7. unleash the hounds.
  8. get kisses from and tramped on by said hounds.
  9. sit under arbour.
  10. drink coffee.
  11. check email.
  12. play angry birds.
  13. watch the dogs play.



  1. duck ~
  2. morning ~
  3. exhausted ~
  4. love ~
  5. don't ~
  6. count ~
  7. social ~
  8. plum ~
  9. off ~
  10. nice ~


Somebody has a case of the Mondays.

I have been up since 6:00. Showered, made the kid's lunch, fed the cats, let the hounds loose, fed the hounds, checked my email, played angry birds {2 stars only thus far on todays episode}, shared a banana with the pups, talked with the kid who had stopped by to pick up his lunch and am now sitting on the back porch with a pup on either side of me drinking my second cup of coffee and chilling out. {I am drinking my coffee and they are chilling out, for the record}

Any questions? Fire away.
Okay fine - I'll start. {Caution - These questions may or may not be applicable to everyone specifically.}

  • Who's running the asylum?
  • Are you hiding me from your significant other? And by hiding me I mean no longer willing {or able} to participate in my bloggy and just letting the friendship die a hard and fast death.
  • What is the price of tea in China?
  • What is the temp in your land as you read this?
  • What did you have for breakfast?
  • Does the shit ever fall far from the bat?

That should keep you busy for a while. Provided you 1. hit the blog and b. take the time to answer. I will indeed answer all questions left for me with my typical blunt honesty. :-)

Happy Monday!
love and hugs,
~ b


Meal at the Manor.

Appetizer ~
Eeny, Meeny, Miny or Moe?

Soup ~
Are you allergic or sensitive to anything?

Salad ~
Field Greens or Romaine? And what do you dress it with?

Entrée ~
Who is at the top of the list of people you are just ever so weary of?

Dessert ~
What are you looking forward to today, dessert or otherwise?

Digestif ~
I have a bowl full of fresh lemons and a dozen seriously small strawberries. What kind of drink do you suggest I make with them?


Thursday Thirteen:

  1. Ever Thine.
  2. It's cold with sun
  3. Point Taken.
  4. A day Behind.
  5. Fair Weather Friends.
  6. Lots to do.
  7. Ever Mine.
  8. Soy Latte will suffice.
  9. Pussy whipped?
  10. Need more Angry Birds!
  11. Vote. {over there}
  12. Grow, Garden, Grow!
  13. Ever Ours.