Let's Go Devils!

midnight ramblings.

yeah. I know its past midnight but hey it's 2 am and I am still up so cut me some slack, eh?

My almost 24 year old kids are home for a work weekend. That means we will be getting work done around Shenanigan Manor: The House. First up is setting my waterbed up. YaY!

Also on the list is outlets fixed, including the GFCI's in the bathroom. Hopefully the lawnmower will get fixed as well and I would really like the sprinkler valve and the drain in the kitchen sink fixed. We shall see how it goes.

I love it when the olders come home. They are such cool people. When they hit the house at midnight I know that it will be at least 2 before we have exhausted our immediate need to catch up and we head to our beds.

Within 5 minutes we have their things in from the car and we are sitting or standing around telling stories, interrupting each other,howling with laughter and eating donuts from Yum Yum. It brings a smile to my face even as I type. I love it. It erases my earlier thoughts of selling them all to the highest bidder. LOL!

I can't wait to get up in a few hours and spend more time with the 3 kids. It would only be better if Rudy could be here as well. sigh. {we miss you,darlin.}

According to missy, her father does not believe that the futon frame and mattress he gave to her brother smells of cat pee because of his cats but rather that my own cats smelled his cats on it and peed on it. ummm. yeah. okay. funny that there was NO wet spots either on the mattress or the floor around. To say nothing of the fact that when I removed the mattress from the house the room still smelled and I had to clean the frame more than once. {The room no longer smells, btw.} I am gonna call *idiot* on this one. YOUR futon and mattress smells of cat piss. That means that the room that you are putting your new babies in also smells. No doubt!

Speaking of the new babies, missy told me their names. Matthew Ryan and Zachary Daniel. When I heard Zachary Daniel I started cracking up. They are naming their child Zach Daniel{s}. bwahahahaha! Missy says she is going to point that out. Zach Daniel is better than Jack Daniel..but only slightly. We had a good laugh over that one.

So there ya go.
she rambles.
and now she sleeps.


Meal at the Manor.

Appetizer ~
What book is currently on your nightstand?

Soup ~
I've rarely met a _________ I didn't like.

Salad ~
What is your all time favorite board game?

Entrée ~
What is something that you are putting off to do some other time?

Dessert ~
How many days until your birthday?


awake is not asleep.

I knew that my late afternoon nap was gonna come back to bite me. Thank goodness I have THURSDAY'S list of things to do to keep me from being BORED.



Meal at the Manor.

Appetizer ~
When it comes to camping, my idea of roughing it is ______.

Soup ~
What was the last thing/person/subject you photographed?

Salad ~
If it were possible which movie would you un-watch or which book would you un-read?

Entrée ~
The Magic 8 Ball reads: Signs point to yes.
What was your question?

Dessert ~
Tell us about yourself in a sentence using only four words.

One Year Ago Today:

I remember the time;
I remember the place;
I remember the thrill as we stood face to face;

I remember your lips as moist as the dew;
but I do not remember,
did you close your eyes too?

No one threw up.
No one ran screaming.
I have absolutely enjoyed
our first year together and
look forward to many more.
i love you, darlin.


Thursday Thirteen.

13 Things I do when Insomnia Strikes.
  1. check up on the bloggers I stalk.
  2. play spider solitaire.
  3. eat a bowl of cereal.
  4. straighten my covers.
  5. throw toys for the kitties to chase.
  6. watch tv.
  7. compose blog postings.
  8. fluff my pillows.
  9. check my email.
  10. read recipes.
  11. edit photos.
  12. have a hot drink.
  13. clean.



Meal at the Manor.

Appetizer ~
What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

Soup ~
If you were born the opposite sex, what would your name be?

Salad ~
What was the last expense that took you by surprise?

Entrée ~
When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses?

Dessert ~
You notice that you have a new candy dish sitting on your desk, what will you fill it with?



According to Amazon.

Customers who bought this:

Also bought this:

Does anyone else find this to be freakin' hilarious?


find your way home.

you will travel through the valley of rejection,
you will reside in the mourning mists,
and you will find your way home,
though it will not be where you left it.

Denial Much?

  • I didn't put my hair up into a pony rather than wash it twice this week. Luckily messy ponytails are in.
  • I did not vacuum my new carpet 4 times in the past 3 days. {it really only needed to be done twice.}
  • I really did not stop at the grocery to pick up a bottle of wine rather than search through the 4 boxes in my garage even though I was fairly certain that the exact same bottle was in one of the boxes.
  • I did not spend the weekend watching either football or i love lucy reruns.
  • I so did not get up out of bed last night and retrieve my shoes from the front room when I looked over and realized that they were not in my room.
  • There is no way I drank 3/4 of the aforementioned bottle of wine in one evening by myself.
  • I did not silently laugh at the crazy lady who was just sure that the woman behind the counter {who was also silently laughing} @ Panda had totally switched her meals with mine.
  • I did not get dressed 10 minutes before my sister showed up @ 4 PM and change back into my pj's 10 minutes after she left.
  • I did not whine at Rudy about the distance between his house and mine.
  • I absolutely did not finish the last 1/4 of the bottle of wine standing at the sink in the middle of the afternoon the next day.
  • I do not feel the least bit chagrined that 5/11 statements mention wine in some way, shape or form. {tee hee}




Once upon a time, happier ever after.
The stories we tell are the stuff of dreams.
Fairy tales don't come true.
Reality is much stormier.
Much murkier.
Much scarier.

~ meredith grey


VP Debate Party.

I win!

  • Whenever Sarah Palin says a word or phrase in one of your boxes, check it off.
  • If you check 5 boxes in any straight or diagonal line, you win PALIN BINGO!
  • The center box, “Air Space” is free. Go ahead and check that off right away.
  • For extra points, try and score a “Media Black-Out”, by filling in all the boxes on your card!
  • Try using a blank sheet to make your own PALIN BINGO card.
{click the bingo card for more card options}

p.s. i am making a pitcher of cosmos