• 'Devils lost by one point. Not bad for an unranked team against the #11 team. We had a good time watching the game. 'Devils are showing some promise this year. YaY!
  • Brown is not in. That being said, after searching in over half a dozen stores I finally did find a little brown handbag to go with my cute brown shoes. FYI - if you are looking for one - It's at Davids Bridal.
  • I am the proud, albeit spoiled, owner of an iPad. It isn't pink but has a cute pink case to keep it safe. {Compliments of the State of Alaska PFD and my generous husband to be. Thank you, darlin. Yes, that smell is me. tee hee!}
  • I will have to get back to you for sure but I think that leaving the house to go anywhere at 430 in the morning is just too flippin early. Even for a morning person. {I sure hope Rudy doesn't come in behind this and tell me it will be earlier than that. tee hee!}
  • Boston and The Creature tomorrow! Oh...and tastykakes!
  • I am not a shopper. Yesterday we shopped until I almost literally dropped. I am now the proud owner of a knee brace also too. *I roll my eyes*
  • I have put my coffee in the micro for a warm up twice since making it less than an hour ago. I have hit the ground running this morning and keep forgetting where I put it.
  • I think that Facebook is killing my bloggy. I will get back to you on that one also too.
  • I may or may not be freaking the hell out about being the photographer {ok, 1 of 2} for the wedding this weekend. It really depends on the hour. LOL!
  • I have a lot to do. Why am I sitting here?


Thursday Thirteen:

A September Bucket List.
  1. Enjoy a cool morning on the front porch.
  2. Take our first plane trip together. {little tiny plane included.}
  3. Share a meal with The Creature. {Not Your Average Joe's - provided we get there in time}
  4. Find a comfortable Starbucks to hang out in.
  5. Plant fruit trees in our backyard. {Washington Navel and Meyer Lemon are already bought and waiting to be put in the ground}
  6. Practice honeymoon behaviours. ;-)
  7. Spend time with the kids.
  8. Put a fire in the fire-pit out back in the evening.
  9. Play dominoes.
  10. Try out the Thai place down the street. Rudy says it must be good because it always has a lot of cars around it.
  11. Watch Blondie's 'Devils beat Rudy's Badgers. {vote your choice in the new poll!}
  12. Celebrate with our friends in Maine.
  13. Savour every moment.


Situational Comfort.

She sat quietly off to the side and observed him as he walked in. Perhaps walked in doesn't properly describe what she saw. If you were observing alongside her you would have seen a 48 year old man with a greying beard and hair and a paunch covered by his usual Hawaiian print shirt, strutting into the room in proud peacock style carrying his feathers in his arms for all to see. That is what she saw as he entered the room. The feathers in his arms were one half of his almost two year old twins boys.

She saw him give his condolences. She noticed his wifey standing quietly holding her half of the twins. She delighted in seeing her own children swarm in to greet their little baby brothers. The babes eyes lighting up as the recognized their sister and brothers. So sweet. So touching.

And then it happened. He locked eyes with her. He turned and made his way to her side. Nary a word was spoken as he reached her and rotated his baby for her to admire. Truly, that is the reason he walked her way. He didn't introduce the child to her but rather appeared to want her approval and congratulations. She gave neither. She met the babes eyes with a sweet smile and greeted the little guy by name. And then she turned back to the conversation she had been involved in, dismissing him silently without giving him the praise he clearly desired.

She observed him later chasing after the two adorable little guys while watching her children offer him little help. The wifey seemed to have disappeared for a time. She later passed the wifey on the walkway and while she smiled and nodded the wifey refused to acknowledge. Which made it even more odd that as they were leaving hours later, the wifey was the only one to speak briefly with what seemed to be a forced "bye, blondie."

3 plus hours at the same function. Blondie spending extended time with his family by their invitation. One ridiculous display of peacockery. Two words spoken directly.

and Blondie will say once again - In any given situation where they are thrown together, she will always be more comfortable than they will ever be.

and the new wifey totally looks pregnant again



Shopping over Football? Can you believe it?
Well trust me - it is only out of necessity.
We have a plan.

Get in.
Get what we need.
Get out.
{the words *speedy quick fast* are implied throughout the list}

Cross your fingers all goes as planned.

p.s. remind me later and I will tell you a story.


Thursday Thirteen:

stream of consciousness
  1. Find a penny, pick it up, all day long have good luck. What do you get if you find a quarter?
  2. Pumpkin Spice Latte and Pumpkin Scone isn't even soothing my soul today.
  3. Early is early.
  4. why?
  5. Week 2 down.
  6. One is not the other. Seriously.
  7. Cannot come soon enough.
  8. Sonny and Brenda on General Hospital! *sigh* {don't you judge me}
  9. Grief must be dealt with before one can move forward.
  10. I long for you by my side.
  11. Leshanah tovah tikateiv veteichateim {May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year}
  12. Football tonight - isn't even exciting me.
  13. tears. just tears.


Thursday Thirteen:

things I need to do.

  1. put away the groceries. They are still on the counter where I put them when I got home an hour ago.
  2. savour my grande non-fat easy whip pumpkin spice latte.
  3. check countdown timer {again} to see how many days until I pick Rudy up from the airport.
  4. weed my garden - what a freakin jungle that is.
  5. finish the loser trophy for our Fantasy Football League and ship it to the loser.
  6. upload disc 3 and 4 from the 5 Love Languages book for Rudy to pass on to his son.
  7. make beds.
  8. drink more coffee.
  9. find a word worth enough points to score big and win my Words With Friends game against Rudy.
  10. sweep floors.
  11. watch The Tudors on Netflix.
  12. finish this list.
  13. figure out why the HELL I think today is Friday.