Happy Birthday, Rudy!

i love you mostester,
~ blondie


True love is not measured in hugs and kisses,
but in struggles and fears,
and those who can work though those...
they possess true love
~ Adam Murphy



Thursday Thirteen:

Meet the Pack.
1. Ronan - {Irish}"ro + nan" means little seal
2. O'Reilly - {Irish} minus the *O* means courageous, valiant.
3. Born early December 2006.
4. Best trick is his "Ain't I pretty?" Johnny Bravo impersonation.
5. Has been known to eat an entire {stolen off the counter} pizza and then wonder where his suppertime is.
6. Can pick up an item of interest, take it to the door, set it down, open the door, go outside, nose back inside and pick up item to take it outdoors. THIEF! LOL!
7. Truly believes he is a 100 pound lap dog and will climb in your lap, given the opportunity, to prove it.
8. Neighborhood welcome wagon when he manages to Houdini his way out of the yard. {The Alaska yard. No chance to escape in the SoCal yard}
9. Loves his belly rubs.
10. Hangs his head when he has been caught doing something he shouldn't be doing.
11. Puts himself in his kennel when he has been scolded or before bedtime most nights.
12. Hilarious to watch him chase his tail.
13. Loves to give many slobbery kisses.


I Miss You So

Happy Birthday, Momma.
I love you.



Friendship isn't about whom
you have known the longest.
It's about who came,
and never left your side.