Thursday Thirteen:

Meet the Pack
  1. Ciara {"kee + ra"} from the Irish ciar meaning "dark" and implies "dark hair and brown eyes."
  2. Siobhan {"shiv + awn"} is another Irish form of Joan meaning "God is gracious."
  3. Born early 2004.
  4. Rodent chaser.
  5. Trickster when told to go to her kennel.
  6. Loves to dig holes to get to the cool damp dirt for a napping nest.
  7. Can say *want one* to get a snack.
  8. Shakes with either paw but you must change hands to get her to shake with the other.
  9. Will give high 5's but be careful cuz it can hurt.
  10. Believes she is queen of the yard.
  11. Will reluctantly give kisses and allow petting, but then wants a snack after.
  12. Very independent and not inclined to cuddle.
  13. Thinks the kid is hers and grouches at Ronan {the other of the pack}and puts herself between him and the kid if at all possible.



days slowly melting
next and further and beyond
melancholy slide



Really underwire? And of course by underwire I mean underplastic because I haven't a clue when the last time it was actually made of wire. That is 3 now. I have to go shopping. I hate shopping. Fuckers!


Word{s}: Alliteration Installment

  1. merry
  2. menagerie
  3. manages
  4. mischievous
  5. mayhem
  6. midst
  7. my
  8. many
  9. melancholy
  10. moments


Well that might explain things.

"Dull Women Have Immaculate Houses."




Phrases Heard
  1. holy shit snacks!
  2. WTF?
  3. I need coffee.
  4. Seriously?
  5. how's it?
  6. the game
  7. bastards!
  8. get back
  9. duh, and/or Hello!
  10. I'm so tired
  11. I need a drink
  12. we'll try that later
  13. holy hell hannah!


Are We Sure It Isn't Monday?

  • Kid struggling
  • A pup with hot spots
  • yard that needs attention desperately
  • alarms set off
  • missing Rudy
  • Kid getting sick
  • 92˚
  • Dad phoned to cancel dinner because *something came up*
  • Lonely
  • Tired
  • Casey Anthony found not guilty??
  • Out of margarita mix
  • Seriously - are we SURE it isn't Monday??


Happy 4th of July!

be proud.
be safe.
have fun.

with love,
~ blondie


Happy 21st Birthday!

Love you, Mr Man.
I am so very proud of you. Have a very happy day and a fantastic year!