Wordless Wednesday.

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I don't believe in horror-scopes and read them for entertainment purposes only.  Once in a while what I read catches my attention.  Today was one of those once-in-a-whiles.
"It's been a bit stressful as you try to figure out your place in the world, even if you have a clear vision of where you want your life to go. Part of the problem is that retrograde Mercury in your 11th House of Future Goals has required you to rethink your current trajectory. Today, as it turns direct, it forms a sweet sextile with Mars in cozy Cancer. Looking forward is easy now as long as you don't need to leave your familiar world behind."

My life has been {and continues to be} stressful lately.  I  am indeed trying to figure out my place in the world. I believe my trajectory has been headed in the proper direction for a while now. I am trying to relax and accept what life is giving me.  Plus I see the word sex in there. That can't be bad,right?

What I really want to know is: How the Hell does it know?



Cause and Effect.

If you stand in the bottlebrush tree
to capture an image
you risk coming out looking thusly.
Was it worth it?
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I totally think it was.


Purple Preseason Power.

While I was on vacay North to Alaska Rudy treated myself and our good friend Karoline to mani/pedi's. I showed my appreciation by asking Rudy to choose a purple for my toe colour. He chose Purple with a Purpose. After mani/pedi's the two of them introduced me to my first taste of Indian Food. Oh dear lord it was SO yummy. But I digress. Purple is Rudy's colour. His Minnesota Vikings Football colour. He most definitely approved of my colour choice.

Cut to my return to America {those silly Alaskans think they live in another land}. I had a ding in the polish on one of my toes. I went on a search for a purple to do a touch-up. I found one that matched almost perfectly. I also found a lovely yellow which is the other Vikings Colour. I was being quite silly and painted the nails on my left hand alternating yellow and purple. I told him I had done so to help out his team. It must have worked cuz Vikings won. Rudy commented to me after the win that I now know what I must do. I suggested that perhaps there was not enough data available to suggest that I should always paint my nails in that manner to help his team get the win.

The following week I removed the polish from my nails but left the purple on my toes. Again the Vikings won. Perhaps there was no magic in my purple and yellow fingernails but rather my solid purple toenails. I would soon be given the perfect opportunity to test my hypothesis.

Rudy's Vikings played my Cowboys tonight in a preseason game and my toes are still purple.

My Cowboys started out with an early touchdown but by halftime the score was 7 {Cowboys} to 21 {Vikings}. I immediately went to work removing the glorious purple with a purpose from my toes. I had to give my 'boys every chance possible to pull off a win. {sorry honey but they are my 'boys. ;-) }
My Cowboy's scored 28 points in the 2nd half to the Vikings 10 which gave my 'boys a 35 - 31 win. Purple truly does have a purpose. Purple toes help the Vikings win games in preseason. I had to find out, darlin. Sorry I had to sacrifice your team's win in order to prove my hypothesis. When your team isn't playing mine I will be more than happy to paint my toes purple. Anything to make my man happy. :-)

p.s. Cowboys won! Football is here! squeeeeee!{<--- that is blondie squealing in delight} Sun Devils have their opening game 9.5.09 @ 7pm. Fork 'em, Devils. {Did ya miss my insanity and enthusiasm for Football??? ;-) }

Meal at the Manor.

Appetizer ~
If drinking fountains could put out a liquid other than water, what would you want it to be?

Soup ~
Open any drawer in your kitchen {or your office} and name the first 4 things you see.

Salad ~
If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?

Entrée ~
How many times did you move growing up? How did moving (or staying put) impact your childhood?

Dessert ~
How full is your iPod or MP3 player?


Almost in Harms Way.

The Station Fire has burned over 122,000 acres. Officials do not expect to have it contained until September 15. At this point they are guesstimating it is about 5% contained. Contained means that they will have cut a path and have the entire fire effectively surrounded. There is no estimate on when they hope to have the fire out.

Yellow Areas = Mandatory Evacuation
Red Area = Estimated Fire Perimeter

Pink Balloon = Marrieds House

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The girl and her kitties are safe here with me. Her husband is back in LA working and will stay with friends should their house come under mandatory evacuation orders. The boy is at a defensive driving class for his EMT job today and wishing he was out fighting fire.

There are two fires less than 10 miles from my home but we are not in any danger from them. Those fires would have to do major tricks and the fire departments would have to have some epic FAIL in order to get anywhere near my house.

Thanks so much for your prayers and concern.
love and hugs,
~ B