denial much?

  • I did not send a passive/aggressive message to my children via twitter.
  • I did not laugh at my son-in-law when after a problem free kitchen faucet and garbage disposal install he managed to break the already FUBAR front sprinkler valve.
  • I SO did not curse my X silently while consoling my daughter after the baby shower. She is trying so hard to be okay with it all but it caught up to her today. sigh.
  • I absolutely did not pass the vacuum twice in one day because I can't stand to see bits of whatever on the floor.
  • I did not shake my head in disgust when I discovered that the futon mattress that the X gave to the kids has a nasty stench from his cats. {it is no longer in my house cuz that is just wrong.}
  • I did not surf the interwebs at 0530 this morning because the insomnia won out.
  • I did not put on a hoodie because my house was 70° and I was chilly.

So what did you
*NOT* do recently?



Meal at the Manor.

Appetizer ~
What is on your window ledge?

Soup ~
Would you rather give up the computer or the TV?

Salad ~
What is your favorite kind of salad?

Entrée ~
What is the oldest book you own?

Dessert ~
What's your favorite midnight snack?


denial much?

  • I did not spend all day yesterday lounging on my chaise napping, chatting and watching football.
  • I did not take a shower and then get right back into my pj's.
  • I did not put a splash of Baileys in my morning coffee. What? It was chilly out and I needed to warm up. heh!
  • I did not decide to have Irish Nachos as an appetizer for the wedding party.
  • I did not put the empty milk carton back in the fridge because I was too lazy to rinse it and take it out to the recycling.
  • I did not consider phoning Rudy's dad during the cowboys/packers game to talk some smack last night.
  • I did not ignore the stacks of boxes waiting to be unpacked all weekend.
  • I did not skip the salad and have two pieces of pizza and two bottles of beer for dinner last night. I had to have two of each to even things out.

So what did you *NOT* do recently?


you have got to be kidding me.

So yesterday's mail included a curious envelope addressed to myself and the boy in the X's handwriting. Since it is addressed to the boy as well as myself I am positive it is not a nasty-gram of any kind. Honestly, if it hadn't had the boy's name on it I probably wouldn't have opened it anyways. I would have just tossed it aside unopened just as I do every month when the rent receipt showed up.

Curiosity got the better of me and I opened it to find a cheesy baby shower invitation. WHAT are they smoking? I am SO not going to their baby shower. Neither is the boy. He isn't interested. I did let him know that the invite showed up and he told me to just go back into the kitchen. {that is his newest way of informing me that he doesn't want to discuss whatever it is} I am supposed to RVSP regrets only to the X's mother. She lives less than a mile away from my new house and has yet to set foot over here in spite of the fact that the X's father has been here numerous times. I am SO not phoning her.

Did I mention that the shower is being held at the X's uncles house and will be a whole big family affair? I am sure that my presence would put everyone at ease, right? I just shake my head at the insanity of this family.

I checked out their baby registries just to see the items they are requesting and was disgusted to see that in the notes on each registry they have written that these babies are their *miracle boys*. Miracles? ummmmm. I don't think that jumping through hoops so that you can get sperm and egg together in a petri dish constitutes a miracle but rather a science experiment. I hope that MY miracle son never sees that they have referred to these new babies as miracles. It makes me sad for my son. No tricks to get him. Just the old fashioned miracle of life. MY miracle son. I will continue to do whatever I have to do to make sure that he understands just how wonderful I know he is.

Let's Go Devils!

Fork 'em Devils!


Meal at the Manor.

Appetizer ~
Which is worse? Ignorance or Apathy?

Soup ~
A very good friend has just brought you a cake, it’s all for you, and your friend even had a personal message written in frosting on the top. What does it say?

Salad ~
Be honest, do you screen your calls and let the people you don’t want to talk to go straight to voice mail?

Entrée ~
I am going to the bottle store, where they’ve got anything you could imagine in a bottle. What would you like me to pick you up a bottle of?

Dessert ~
Choose one: Cake or Ice Cream.



T-13. . . .


  1. every day dishes.
  2. favorite glasses.{for drinking. although, now that I think about it I can't find my reading glasses either.}
  3. dvd player.
  4. lifetime television.
  5. kitchen towels.
  6. keys to the file cabinet.
  7. food tv.
  8. the boy's bedding.
  9. hangers.
  10. rudy's swiss mocha. {no idea where that is cuz i have unpacked all the food.}
  11. candles. {hard to believe considering how many boxes of candles I actually packed.}
  12. silverware.
  13. my nightly dose of F·R·I·E·N·D·S.



The Bar is Open!

i found the wine.

i found the corkscrew.
I am feeling no pain.

join me for a drink?

Meal at the Manor.

Appetizer ~
Who did the crime? In what room? And using what instrument?

Soup ~
How often do you buy something only to return it later due to various reasons?

Salad ~
Where were you last night?

Entrée ~
I don't understand _______.

Dessert ~
What were you thinking???


welcome to my new little corner

i hope you have as much fun here as you did there.

~ blondie