Meal at the Manor: The Halloween Edition

Appetizer ~
What is your favorite Halloween Costume from your childhood?

Soup ~
Are you dressing up this year and if so what are you going to be? If you aren't what might you be if you had somewhere to go and show off your creativity?

Salad ~
Did you or will you watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown?

Entrée ~
Last year I had exactly zero trick or treaters. Does your community support Trick or Treats or do they have a Fall Festival?

Dessert ~
What is your favorite Halloween Candy?

Digestif ~
Do you have a Halloween or Fall Cocktail recipe you want to share with the group?


Meal at the Manor.

Appetizer ~
The weather in my land today is _______.

Soup ~
Do you think you spend too much time on the interwebs?

Salad ~
If your personality was a ride at an amusement park, what ride would it be?

Entrée ~
Once upon a time I _______.

Dessert ~
If you found $10 today, what would you do with it?

Digestif ~
If you had to move to a state besides the one you currently live in, where would you move?


A Caught in a Downpour Rainy Day Story

Dear Lady in front of me on line at Starbucks,

Seriously? You may think you ordered two of the same drink but neither the guy behind the counter nor I heard you do so. This isn't the guy's fault. It is yours. And no, they did not change the size of their cups. A tall has always been the small unless you wanted just a teeny drink. That is called a short.

The guy behind the counter knows when you order your drink Half-Caf that you want half regular espresso, half decaf espresso. You don't need to school him. I think hes already been to Starbucks school where he learned that.

Even if the guy behind the counter {who, btw wants to smack you at this point but he may have to get in line because now the queue behind you which was only 1 deep when you started is now about 6 deep} tells you that he can't give you cash back when you use your debit card you can STILL use the damn thing and gtfo. You don't need to then put it back away and paw through your bag looking for your Starbucks cards that you don't even know how much is on them causing him to have to figure it out for you. Then being confused that you still owe him $7.10 you must dig through your bag once again for the cash. Seriously. This could have all been avoided had you just swiped your debit card from the beginning.

Holy crap on a cracker lady. Did they just let you out alone this morning? Oh, and thanks for trying to run me over on your way out of the parking lot. I appreciate the extra jolt of adrenaline that the venti psl I almost spilled all over myself didn't offer.

The increasingly disgruntled blonde behind you in line.



  1. grey ~
  2. drink ~
  3. skin ~
  4. bat ~
  5. straight ~
  6. I am ~
  7. discretion ~
  8. shocked ~
  9. blah blah blah ~
  10. surprisingly ~




Have a Happy!
~ b


Today's Adventure:

Two Blondes and a Mechanical Engineer build a fence.

It could get quite comical real fast around here.

Stay tuned for updates. Maybe even a photo or two.


Meal at the Manor

Appetizer ~
What is your pain medication of choice?

Soup ~
The three things I just haven’t gotten around to doing but probably should are:

Salad ~
Answer this statement: Not even if you paid me.

Entrée ~
What do you just not understand, no matter how hard you try?

Dessert ~
I have no control when it comes to coffee. What do you have no control with?

Digestif ~
In your opinion, what time of the day do you feel it is acceptable to begin drinking? 9am? Noon? 5pm? 8pm?


Little Friday.

This isn't my story but I found it to be quite endearing and thought I would share.
A very good friend of mine that used to live in our neighborhood and is happily married used to take time out once a week with his wife. We all had the same demands on our time, work, house, kids etc. Frank is a person who lives life to the fullest always and lives in the moment, I truly admire him, he is a real "life of the party" kind of guy.

He would make sure to help his W get the kids fed and to bed early or at least on time on Thursday nights. Once the kids were down, they would have a late dinner that he fixed for just the two of them. They would have a bottle of wine and unwind and talk to each other uninterrupted for a couple of hours at least once a week. They also put on music that took them to another place even though they never left the house. Sometimes they would talk, sometimes they would laugh, sometimes they would dance, sometimes they would just sit and listen to the music......together. Frank always said he and his wife liked to welcome the weekend a little early and thus the name "Little Friday."

Frank shared this practice with me a number of years ago and my W and I did this but did not quite grab the concept of maintaining the connection with each other. We made it more about a night to socialize during the week which is not bad but the point was to have uninterrupted "quality" time with your spouse.

I have now made it the one day a week I give to myself, a day to recognize that life is good and it is good to be alive. For me sometimes I want to be alone, sometimes I want to have friends over, doesn't matter it is my day to be happy no matter what! A day of affirmation if you will. I like to put on music that takes me to a different place, for me I prefer to go to the Caribbean so I tend to lean towards that music that reminds me of being on vacation.
So what are you going to do for yourself today to welcome the weekend a little early?

Happy Little Friday, my dears!
~ b